The latest peak of V6! Cartier Blue Balloon Black Knight was born with perfect workmanship.
1 genuine mold opening, 1 to 1 proofreading overall texture.
2 Literal scale position, logo thickness is consistent with genuine products!
3 Sapphire double fisheye glasses are transparent, and the slope of the head position is perfect crescent, which is integrated with the shell body.
4 blue spinels with the same round luster as genuine ones!
5[ emoticon] It is also the most important point. The movement adopts the same Swiss flower-washing technology as the genuine one, and automatically hammers the original lettering and Geneva-washing. It is created with 1: 1 ingenuity!
V6 blue balloon series watch amway. V6[ emoticon] trademark, CARTIER Cartier blue balloon series WSBB0015 wristwatch (ADLC carbon coating (amorphous diamond-like carbon coating) fine steel, sapphire crystal mirror, grooved crown, inlaid with a convex synthetic spinel, Roman numeral hour markers, sword-shaped luminous fine steel hands, equipped with ASIA2824-2 automatic movement, size: 42.1*13 mm).


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