8848F猎豹PANTHèRE DE CARTIER腕表,8848F猎豹PANTHèRE DE CARTIER腕表,完美的线条与魅惑动人的设计相结合,尽显女性腕间的优雅自信,摩登时尚。
【表壳】腕表有二种尺寸可供选择——22 x 30mm和27 x 37mm方形外壳采用镜面抛光工艺打磨而成,闪耀夺目,色泽动人。沿袭正品的双层表壳设计,立体大方,层次分明。同时,上层圈口也是通过八颗螺丝来固定,达到与原装互换的级别,完美呈现正品的独有魅力。

The 8848F cheetah PANTHèRE DE CARTIER wrist watch and the 8848F cheetah PANTHèRE DE CARTIER wrist watch combine perfect lines with charming design, showing the elegance, self-confidence and modern fashion of women’s wrists.
[Case] There are two sizes to choose from-22 x 30 mm and 27 x 37mm square shells polished by mirror polishing technology, which are dazzling and attractive in color. Following the authentic double-layer case design, it is three-dimensional and generous, with distinct layers. At the same time, the upper ring is fixed by eight screws, reaching the level of interchangeability with the original, which perfectly presents the unique charm of genuine products.
“Strap” is made of Italian calfskin with Cartier original pin buckle, which is comfortable to stick to the hand and high-end atmosphere
[Wonderful details] 1. The disk follows the original watchmaking tradition and is treated with silver plating technology, showing the charm of exquisite simplicity; 2. The delicate anti-slip texture of the crown is consistent with the original one, which is convenient for debugging. The high-quality blue spinel inlaid on the crown is crystal clear and romantic, restoring the unique charm of genuine products; 3. The high-transparency imported sapphire glass mirror makes the whole dial jump out and see the bottom; 4. The precise and stable Swiss Shi Ying movement is adopted, which is truly and reliably realized-“zero” repair! 8848F produces Cartier Cheetah Series, which makes your wrist perfect!


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