GF最强女表系列——🐆卡地亚猎豹Panthère de Cartier。缩略图

GF最强女表系列——🐆卡地亚猎豹Panthère de Cartier。

GF最强女表系列——🐆卡地亚猎豹Panthère de Cartier。
华丽而不羁,是Panthère de Cartier猎豹所传达的美学风格。它线条流畅,魅惑动人,柔软服帖于腕间,宛若在肌肤上翩翩起舞。独特的造型彰显成熟优雅、自信动人的女性形象。
GF工厂以精湛技艺,原装开模,打造出与正品无异的精美流线表耳,与表壳一体成型。搭载瑞士朗达石英机芯,316L精钢壳套,尺寸:27 x 37毫米,厚度:6毫米,表冠镶嵌一颗合成蓝色尖晶石,镀银表盘,剑形蓝钢指针,100%三度防水。搭配专柜旅行包装物料。

GF’s strongest female watch series-Cartier cheetah Panthère de Cartier.
Gorgeous and uninhibited is the aesthetic style conveyed by Panthère de Cartier cheetah. Its lines are smooth, charming and soft, and it is like dancing on the skin. Unique modeling reveals mature, elegant, confident and moving female images.
GF factory with exquisite skills, original mold opening, to create the same as the genuine exquisite streamline ear, and the case is integrated. Equipped with Swiss Rhonda Shi Ying movement, 316L fine steel shell, size: 27 x 37 mm, thickness: 6 mm, crown inlaid with a synthetic blue spinel, silver-plated dial, sword-shaped blue steel hands, 100% three-degree waterproof. Match the packing materials for counter travel.


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