BF厂 坦克系列 WSTA0010 蓝面银色壳缩略图

BF厂 坦克系列 WSTA0010 蓝面银色壳

BF-卡地亚 坦克系列 WSTA0010 蓝面银色壳
品牌: 卡地亚 CARTIER
系列: 坦克系列
款式: WSTA0010腕表
尺寸: 34.3mm × 44mm 厚9.5mm
机芯: 海鸥2824改原版1904MC型自动上链机芯
功能: 时、分、秒、日期显示
镜面: 蓝宝石镜面
表带: 牛皮表带
表扣: 折叠扣
防水: 30米
BF精品 CARTIER 卡地亚 刘德华同款 坦克系列自动机械男表 搭载2824改原版1904MC型机芯 市面唯一一家机芯摆轮位置和正品一致 蓝宝石镜面 意大利小牛皮带 市场最高版本

BF- cartier tank series WSTA0010 blue and silver shell
Brand: CARTIER Cartier
Series: tank series
Style: WSTA0010 wristwatch
Dimensions: 34.3 mm× 44 mm thick 9.5mm
Movement: Seagull 2824 changed to the original 1904MC automatic winding movement
Function: hour, minute, second and date display
316L fine steel
Mirror: sapphire mirror
Strap: cowhide strap
Buckle: folding buckle
Waterproof: 30 meters
BF boutique CARTIER Cartier Andy Lau with the same tank series automatic mechanical men’s watch is equipped with 2824 to change the original 1904MC movement. The only movement in the market has a balance position and a genuine sapphire mirror. The highest version of the Italian calf belt market


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