全新优化、全新提升、Cartier Santos
️表壳:在表壳弧度方面、以惊人的相似度完美贴合、在santos Quicks Switch同样的槽位大小一致、与正互换的情况下不会出现卡紧或者松动、完美互换!
3K-Factory作为完美诠释全新一代 santos出厂均搭配与正品一致对应手表底盖编码的一表一码一卡的唯一凭证🧾!

The 3k-factory is a perfect work! Full recommendation-3k-factory, a new generation of santos, a new optimization, a new upgrade, and carti 3k-factory’s full work! Full recommendation-—3k-factory brand new generation Sandoz santos brand new optimization, brand new promotion, Cartier Santos literal and calendar: after original genuine disassembly, numerous debugging and correction, angle and slope, perfect realization, consistent details, perfect connection between calendar plate and literal! Case: in the radian of the case, it fits perfectly with amazing similarity, the size of the same slot in santos quicks switch is consistent, and it will not be clamped or loosened when it is interchanged, so it is perfectly interchangeable! Strap: technical features-the perfect hidden button is located on the side of the bracelet-similar to changing the sim card of a mobile phone, it will be pulled out as long as you press the metal shaft, adjust it to the length suitable for your wrist, and then push the metal shaft with your finger, and it will naturally get stuck, which corrects the bearing jam problem in the market version and makes it really easy and convenient to wear! Movement: The pure imported miyota-9015 movement is changed to 1847cm, which is truly perfect for quality control! From exterior to connotation. Perfect realization-buy safely-use comfortably! 3k-factory is the only proof that the whole new generation of santos is matched with a watch, one yard, one card, which is consistent with the genuine one! 3k produced, must be wonderful!


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