【BV Factory最高版本 正品开模】卡地亚Cartier新款山度士情侣腕表缩略图

【BV Factory最高版本 正品开模】卡地亚Cartier新款山度士情侣腕表

【BV Factory最高版本 正品开模】卡地亚Cartier新款山度士情侣腕表 表壳:316材质表盘:渐变蓝色表针:瑞士工艺烧制钢蓝玻璃:瑞士增透白膜/防弦/防手纹AF工艺处理表带:配备人体工力学SmartLink拆卸系统 尺寸:39.8X47.5X9.08毫米 表冠:多切面尖晶蓝宝石 机芯:MIYOTA-9015(配原版1847MC自动锤)BV正品1:1开模,真正做到可同原版配件互换。防水深度10巴(约100米),并配备卡地亚实用两项发明“SmartLink”表链调节装置和“QuickSwitch”表带快速替换装置!BV诚意之作 欢迎各路表友品鉴!

[BV Factory’s highest version of genuine mold opening] Cartier Cartier’s new Sandoz couple watch case: 316 material dial: gradient blue hands: Swiss craft fired steel blue glass: Swiss anti-transmission white film/anti-string/anti-hand pattern AF craft processing strap: equipped with ergonomic SmartLink disassembly system size: 39.8X47.5X9.08 mm crown: multi-cut sharp sapphire movement: MIYOTA-9015 The waterproof depth is 10 bar (about 100 meters), and it is equipped with Cartier’s two practical inventions “SmartLink” bracelet adjusting device and “QuickSwitch” strap quick replacement device! BV’s sincere work welcomes all kinds of table friends to taste!


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