KZ不忘初心,再一次为玩家打造精品,超A级卡地亚 Santos 100周年纪念版,原厂代用级盘面和指针,最佳异型表壳,抛光拉丝分割点和正品完全吻合,表圈采用和正品一致的电化学抛光工艺,并非传统机械抛光,能够达到和正品一致的净度,参照真正的卡地亚Santos底盖复刻,深浅粗细和正品完全同步,经过校挑的表扣,和正品锁定拉开的手感完全一致.[kz工厂]

Kz Do not forget your initiative mind, once again creating fine products for players, super A-class Cartier santos Centennial Edition, original substitute disk and hands, best special-shaped case, polished and brushed split points are completely consistent with genuine products, bezel adopts electrochemical polishing process consistent with genuine products, not traditional mechanical polishing, and can achieve the same clarity as genuine products. Refer to the real Cartier Santos bottom cover for re-engraving, the depth and thickness are completely synchronized with genuine products, and the buckle after checking is locked and opened with genuine products.


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