KOR厂荣耀首发 山度士缩略图

KOR厂荣耀首发 山度士

至尊超薄 无敌之作
2018年最新卡 地 亚款-山度士WSSA0009
表壳直径47.5X39.8 厚度9.08mm
此款卡 地 亚山度士可谓注入现代精髓的经典美学之作,时尚且精致,KOR完美诠释,又一佳作。

KOR glory starter
Supreme ultra-thin and invincible work
The latest Cartier model in 2018-Sandoz WSSA0009
Really authentic mold opening, 360 degrees without dead ends, perfect one to one
Case diameter 47.5X39.8 thickness 9.08mm
The material is synchronous and genuine, with 316L fine steel top-grade polishing, radian and chamfer, and the dial burning steel blue needle and blue spinel are consistent with the original ones. Imported cowhide is also the top workmanship. The white dial of this watch is matched with black Arabic numeral hour markers and blue steel hands, which has excellent readability. The details of the bezel have been slightly adjusted-the square bezel extends to both sides along the curved contour of the ear, visually connecting with the bracelet naturally, and the contrast between polished and brushed texture highlights the contour of the bezel in particular.
The customized imported MIYOTA9015 enhanced movement is adopted to achieve the same pointer height as the original one, and the stability of the watch can be guaranteed
The industry’s first synchronized and genuine QuickSwitch patent system (strap/bracelet) can easily replace the strap by pressing a button, which is very convenient.
The bottom of the watch is designed with dense bottom drawing, the bottom cover is meticulously engraved and the craft is very rigorous.
This Cartier Sandoz can be described as a classic aesthetic work infused with the essence of modernity, which is fashionable and exquisite, and KOR is a perfect interpretation, another excellent work.


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