KZ新品发布 最强大的皇家橡树“超级15202”缩略图

KZ新品发布 最强大的皇家橡树“超级15202”

KZ新品发布 最强大的皇家橡树“超级15202” 39MM表径 表壳缎面和抛光润饰完美相融 表带侧面的倒角一致性高,每一节表带都保持统一的角度。防眩光处理蓝宝石水晶玻璃镜面 搭载进口9015改原版Cal.2121自动机芯 夹板倒角,螺丝头抛光,熟悉的日内瓦条纹 – 提供动力储备长达40小时。KZ此次共推出五大盘面款“玫瑰金色盘”“烟熏兰色盘”“金色盘”“蓝色”“深蓝色”满足广大表友需求!

KZ released the most powerful Royal Oak “Super 15202” with 39 mm diameter. The satin and polished finishing of the watch case are perfectly blended. The chamfers on the side of the strap are consistent, and each strap keeps a uniform angle. The anti-glare sapphire crystal glass mirror is equipped with imported 9015 original Cal.2121 automatic movement splint chamfering, screw head polishing and familiar Geneva stripes-providing power reserve for up to 40 hours. KZ has launched five disk models: “Rose Gold Disk”, “Smoked Blue Disk”, “Golden Disk”, “Blue” and “Dark Blue” to meet the needs of the majority of table friends!


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