JF皇家橡树女表67651 玫金 原装石英缩略图

JF皇家橡树女表67651 玫金 原装石英

JF出品 连专柜都很难买的AP女款到货啦!皇家橡树系列中的女士腕表,其官方型号为67651ST.ZZ.1261ST.01,皇家 橡树系列独有的八角形外观还拥有a p独特的设计风格也将女士优雅风格融入其中,深受女士们的爱戴,即使只有33毫米的小尺寸,也将爱,,彼独有的纯净美感与刚毅线条展现的淋漓尽致。 而镶满钻石的表圈也为佩戴的女士增添了更多的柔美。搭载瑞士石英机芯、拥有实用的日历显示功能,女士们佩戴起来不会显得

JF’s AP women’s money, which is hard to buy at the counter, has arrived! The official model of ladies’ watches in the Royal Oak Series is 67651ST.ZZ.1261ST.01 The unique octagonal appearance of the Royal Oak Series also has the unique design style of a p, which also incorporates the elegant style of ladies, and is deeply loved by ladies. Even if it is only 33 mm in size, it will show love and its unique pure beauty and resolute lines to the fullest. And the bezel inlaid with DIA adds more femininity to the ladies who wear it. Equipped with Swiss Shi Ying movement and practical calendar display function, ladies will not look when wearing it


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