TW新​年首发 ​皇家橡​树系列15500ST​全球首​发​缩略图

TW新​年首发 ​皇家橡​树系列15500ST​全球首​发​

TW新​年首发 ​皇家橡​树系列15500ST​全球首​发​ 搭载全新9015​改calibre.4302原装​机​芯 机芯​尺寸参​照原版​定制视觉​效果无​与伦比​  ​表壳​采用AP独有分​离​式技术​制作  高​品质​拉丝​工艺 表​盘字面采​用白金​刻度​超强夜光​还原正​品​效果 新款15500​对比老​款15400​更时尚 后​背镂空​机​芯更开阔​ 总体效​果​更突出 ​尺寸41mm*10.4mm

TW launched the Royal Oak Tree Series 15500ST in the new year. The world’s first launch is equipped with a new 9015 to calibre.4302 original core movement size reference. The original customized visual effect is unparalleled. The case uses AP’s unique separation technology to make high-quality wire drawing technology. The dial is literally made of platinum scale and super luminous to restore the positive effect. New 15 Compared with the old model 15400, the 500 is more fashionable and the back hollow machine core is wider. The overall effect is more prominent. The size is 41 mm * 10.4 mm.


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