2️⃣.天价​表针 ​瑞士制​造(开仿​表界先例):等​价​黄金的​表针其光​泽度,形​状,立​体感和​夜光。效果可​以秒​杀现​在所有仿​品
1️⃣.​表盘“Audemars Piguet”​与表盘​是呈现​凸起​状,而非持​平状​态。

Z+Factory redefines the series of Audemars Piguet Oak 15400! Solve the problem that major manufacturers have no way to break through for a long time
[Technical Breakthrough]

  1. solve the thickness problem, and adopt 9015 machine core to change to Caterpillar.3120 integrated machine! Achieve a thickness of 9.8mm, which is the same as the original one (the thinnest version in other versions of the market is 11mm left and right)
  2. High-priced hands made in Switzerland (set a precedent in imitation of watches): the hands of equal-price gold have luster, shape, standing body feeling and noctilucence. The effect can kill all imitations in seconds
    [main details of revision]
  3. the dial “Audemars Piguet” is convex rather than flat.
  4. Z+F makes the font of the almanac to the extreme through the lifting technology.
  5. You can compare all the editions in the market, and you will find that the “biscuit texture” on the Z+F dial is more stereoscopic. The fine grain on the dry grain of the cake is ten points. Dial color can also stand out from the crowd!
  6. The “buffer belt” of the steel strip head grain respects the original, and the tightness feels exactly the same. This is also the result of countless attempts.
  7. The AP printed LOGO on the steel belt buckle can be micro-movable, and the essence can be embodied only by the original details. ​
  8. Super automatic tuo, the color is the same as the original one (the general version in the market is red), and the relief of ap family badge on it is also more delicate and moist.


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