JH厂-AP 皇家橡树系列霜金腕表缩略图

JH厂-AP 皇家橡树系列霜金腕表

JH-AP爱彼 皇家橡树系列霜金腕表,独特之处就在于这个“霜金”。很多人第一眼都会认为这是镶碎钻产生的效果,其实不然,这是一种古老的捶金工艺,也称佛罗伦萨工艺,就是采用顶端带有金刚石的工具击打黄金,使其表面产生极其细微的凹口,从而呈现出犹如钻石般的璀璨效果。Carolina Bucci以现代设计全新演绎这一古老工艺,并且由爱彼的制表师将其融入高级制表艺术,完美应用于独特构造的皇家橡树系列表壳及表带。Audemars Piguet爱彼皇家橡树系列15454BC.GG .1259BC.01腕表(关键词:皇家橡树系列,JH作品,霜金,白色表盘,CAL.3120定制版全自动,尺寸:37*11毫米)。

The unique feature of JH-AP Royal Oak Series Frost Gold Wristwatch lies in this “Frost Gold”. At first glance, many people think that this is the result of setting broken diamonds, but it is not. This is an ancient gold beating process, also known as Florence process, which uses tools with diamonds at the top to beat gold, making its surface produce extremely fine notches, thus showing a dazzling effect like DIA. Carolina Bucci interprets this ancient craft with modern design, and the watchmakers of Audemars Piguet incorporate it into the art of high-end watchmaking, which is perfectly applied to the unique structure of the Royal Oak series case and strap. Audemars Piguet royal oak series 15454BC.GG .1259BC.01 watch (key words: royal oak series, JH works, frosted gold, white dial, CAL.3120 customized version fully automatic, size: 37 * 11mm).


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