TW厂 爱彼AP 皇家橡树两地时间永新25周年限量纪念版缩略图

TW厂 爱彼AP 皇家橡树两地时间永新25周年限量纪念版

皇家橡树两地时间永新25周年限量纪念表,充满手工抛光打磨与倒角的亮丽光泽,直径39mm的尺寸宽大且服贴于手腕,搭配K金刻面时分针、时标,及 AP字样折叠表扣,凸显独创品味的顶级运动风范。有别于一般皇家橡树两地时间腕表,与众不同的永新25周年限量纪念表面盘配备了优雅大方的深灰色表盘,其 表面的设计仍保留着皇家橡树原创款式著名的经典大型格纹,但时标和时分针改用18K玫瑰金材质。在保留原创款式美学原则的基础之上,刻意显现腕表的精致优 雅风格,并使表面刻度时标更为清晰易读。出神入化的自动上链精巧机械机芯,让两个时区的时间同时共存于表面上。佩戴者在旅行的途中,除了可以轻松阅读两地 时间外,更可欣赏这款高雅腕表外表精致的原创设计与内在复杂的极致工艺。Audemars Piguet爱彼皇家橡树系列26120ST.OO.1220ST.03腕表(关键词:皇家橡树系列,台湾永新钟表限量版,copyright@TW品质,黑色盘,双时区,定制版动能机芯,尺寸:41毫米)。

The Royal Oak Tree Limited Commemorative Table for the 25th Anniversary of Yongxin, full of bright luster of hand polishing and chamfering, is wide in size with a diameter of 39mm, and is fitted to the wrist. It is matched with the minute hand and hour mark with K gold facets, and the folding buckle with AP characters, which highlights the top sports style with original taste. Different from the general Royal Oak Time Watch, the distinctive Yongxin 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Surface Plate is equipped with elegant and generous dark gray dial, and its surface design still retains the famous classic large plaid of the original style of Royal Oak, but the hour and minute hands are made of 18K rose gold. On the basis of retaining the aesthetic principle of original style, the exquisite and elegant style of the watch is deliberately displayed, and the surface scale time mark is more clear and easy to read. The superb self-winding exquisite mechanical movement allows the time in two time zones to coexist on the surface at the same time. While traveling, the wearer can not only easily read the time of the two places, but also enjoy the original design with exquisite appearance and the extreme craftsmanship with complex interior. Audemars Piguet royal oak series 26120ST.OO.1220ST.03 watch (key words: royal oak series, Taiwan Yongxin watch limited edition, copyright@TW quality, black disc, dual time zones, customized kinetic movement, size: 41mm).


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