N厂手表 外单 日本特制版AP “血色幸存者”缩略图

N厂手表 外单 日本特制版AP “血色幸存者”

N厂外单 日本特制版AP爱彼 “血色幸存者”12位秒 超级霸气 !N厂强势重磅打造完美的海外版”血色幸存者”,从外壳到机芯都完成品质升级,本店再次有幸能争取到部分货源。内附送AP爱彼幸存者原版胶带一副,AP爱彼原版手环两个;

Outside N Factory, Japan Special Edition AP Audemars Piguet “Bloody Survivor” is super domineering in 12 seconds! Factory N is strong and heavy to create a perfect overseas version of “Bloody Survivor”, which has completed the quality upgrade from the shell to the movement. Once again, our shop is fortunate to win part of the supply. One original tape of AP Audemars Piguet survivor and two original bracelets of AP Audemars Piguet are included.