JF厂AP GP 皇家橡树离岸型 蓝面缩略图

JF厂AP GP 皇家橡树离岸型 蓝面

JF爱彼AP GP 皇家橡树离岸型 蓝面
尺寸(Size)44mm X 16MM
功能(Functions)小时,分针,秒针,日历 ,计时跑秒
机芯(Monvement)国产ETA7750机芯改 3126(上海7750机芯改3126 无限接近正品 3126机芯 同一位置的齿轮,螺丝,刻字,堪称完美 28800bph)
镜面(Crystal)蓝宝石水晶表镜 AR 镀膜
字面(Dial)黑色/蓝色表盘与详细的3 d标记

JF Audemars Piguet AP GP Royal Oak Offshore Blue Face
Size: 44 mm x 16 mm
Functions hour, minute hand, second hand, calendar, timing and running seconds
Movement (Monvement) The domestic ETA7750 movement is changed to 3126 (Shanghai 7750 movement is changed to 3126, which is infinitely close to the gears, screws and lettering in the same position of the genuine 3126 movement, which can be called perfect 28800bph)
Crystal sapphire crystal mirror AR coating
Dial black/blue dial with detailed 3 d mark
Material (Case) carbon fiber bezel
Strap black calf belt
Waterproof (Water)50 meters