OM:AP Royal Oak 皇家橡树型 计时码表系列26331ST.OO.1220ST.03 银黑色盘钢带款 41mm 男款

OM厂新品:AP26331计时码表系列 所有功能及位置均与原版一模一样,技术突破4大看点
【1】自主研发6时位走秒带日期2385机芯 日历盘上浮 新亮点没有之一 
【2】三明治表壳难度在于每个八角形边缘线条都在一个平行线,每个角度均按照原版1-1打造,表圈上的八颗螺丝的凹槽都与八角形表圈边缘平行 璀璨夺目
【4】黄家橡树表盘采用标志性的“tapisserie”网格格纹装饰看似简单却细节惊人,经过车床 雕刻 抛光 电镀上色 烤制 铆接刻度 填夜光 如大象无形!一样的功能一样的品质不一样的价格 少量发售 

OM: AP Royal Oak Royal Oak Chronograph Series 26331ST.OO.1220ST.03 Silver and Black Plate Steel Belt 41mm Men’s Model

The new product of OM factory: AP26331 chronograph series all functions and positions are exactly the same as the original version, and the technology has broken through four major points of view
[1] Independent research and development of 6 o’clock, seconds with date, 2385 movement, calendar disk, floating, no new highlights.
[2] The difficulty of sandwich case is that each octagonal edge line is in a parallel line, and each angle is made according to the original 1-1. The grooves of the eight screws on the bezel are parallel to the octagonal bezel edge
[3] The “decreasing” chain link structure of Huangjia Oak Tree, each chain link has different sizes, and each section needs to be assembled by hand. The clasp is finally consistent with the original, and each font with bright gray background is so dazzling.
[4] The dial of Huangjia Oak Tree is decorated with the iconic “tapisserie” grid pattern, which looks simple but has amazing details. It is carved, polished, electroplated, colored, baked and riveted by lathe, and filled with luminous as invisible as an elephant! Same function, same quality, different price, a small amount of sale