JF出品 AP15703 V9S版缩略图

JF出品 AP15703 V9S版

JFV9S-爱彼AP15703 新版3120机芯
尺寸(Size)42mm X 13.8MM
机芯(Monvement)海鸥eta2824机芯(asian 2824 automatic movement 28800bph)
表带(Strap)折叠扣, 橡胶表带
之前V8版本改进的地方有内圈数字字体已经改正的和正品一样了,放大镜玻璃有双层无色镀膜,几乎与正品无异 而且自动陀也改成了
JF标杆神器 A.P皇家橡树离岸型"15703"全新V9S超强版正式闪亮登场,42mm
2⃣️:与正品一致手感的"活动表带头粒" 最强版潜水系列"15703"【JF出品】

JFV9S- Audemars Piguet AP15703 New Edition 3120 Movement
Size: 42 mm x 13.8 mm
Functions hour, minute hand, second hand, calendar
Movement (Monvement) Seagull eta2824 Movement (Asian 2824 Automatic Movement 28800 BPH)
Crystal sapphire mirror (calendar mirror has reached 95% simulation degree of genuine products)
Dial black literal, green luminous (updated digital scale of single rotating frame in literal)
Material (Case)316F solid steel, drawing table frame
Strap folding buckle, rubber strap
Waterproof (Water)100 meters
JF factory’s latest perfect version of V9S, personal guess should not be updated again
In the previous V8 version, the digital font of the inner ring has been corrected and is the same as the genuine one. The magnifying glass has double colorless coating, which is almost the same as the genuine one and the automatic tuo has also been changed
Like genuine 15703, it has carved gold-plated automatic tuo. If the movement is changed from Seagull 2824 to 3120, it is very confusing. It is still difficult to distinguish between true and false when the back cover is removed.
JF benchmark artifact A.P Royal Oak Offshore “15703” new V9S Super Edition officially debuted, 42mm
1⃣️:V9S super edition upgraded the “classic” calendar font consistent with genuine products
2: The strongest version of diving series “15703” (produced by JF), which has the same feel as genuine products
Xiao Bian believes that when wearing it in his hand, AP salesmen can’t tell the difference between true and false.


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