腕表表盘为低调的米色,以“Méga Tapisserie”超大型格纹装饰,配以白金荧光立体时标和皇家橡树指针,即使在深海中也能够清晰地读取时间。3点钟位置设有日期显示窗口,增添了腕表的实用功能。腕表采用米色的旋转内表圈,0到15分钟的表盘外圈则为蓝底设计,色彩的冲击使得旋转内圈十分抢眼,同时也增添了表盘的层次感。Audemars Piguet爱彼皇家橡树离岸型系列15710ST.OO.A085CA.01腕表(关键词:皇家橡树离岸型系列,copyright@BF2018新鲜水果,沙漠黄,CAL.3120定制版机芯(9015基础),尺寸:42*14毫米).

The watch dial is low-key beige, decorated with “Méga Tapisserie” oversize check, with platinum fluorescent stereo hour markers and royal oak hands, which can clearly read the time even in deep sea. There is a date display window at 3 o’clock, which adds the practical function of the watch. The watch uses a beige rotating inner bezel, and the outer ring of the dial from 0 to 15 minutes is designed with a blue background. The impact of color makes the rotating inner ring very eye-catching, and at the same time adds the layering of the dial. Audemars Piguet royal oak offshore series 15710ST.OO.A085CA.01 watch (key words: royal oak offshore series, copyright@BF2018 fresh fruit, desert yellow, CAL.3120 customized movement (9015 basis), size: 42 * 14mm).