【UF厂】天梭TISSOT天匠镂空系列最新力作 倾情推荐 透过蓝宝石水晶玻璃表镜,可以看到五条犹如车辐般的线条从表盘中央向外发散,又像是一轮精美的风车。这款镂空腕表的每一个微小的细节设计都传递了独特的设计美感。指针和刻度采用优雅的蓝色,与镂空机芯十分相配,让读时更加清晰便捷又充满乐趣。腕表表壳采用坚韧的316L精钢材质打造,表面经过拉丝效果处理,呈现出动人的质感。表径43毫米,厚12毫米。表盘独特的细节设计为佩戴者们带来了古典而不失现代感的体验,镂空的表盘是一场工艺的考验,也是一种非凡的视觉享受!

[UF Factory] TISSOT’s latest masterpiece, Tissot’s hollowing-out series, is recommended. Through the sapphire crystal glass mirror, you can see that five lines like spokes diverge from the center of the dial, which is like a beautiful windmill. Every tiny detail design of this hollowed-out watch conveys a unique aesthetic feeling. The hands and scales are elegant blue, which is very suitable for the hollow movement, making reading clearer, more convenient and full of fun. The watch case is made of tough 316L fine steel, and the surface is brushed to give a striking texture. The surface diameter is 43mm and the thickness is 12mm. The unique detail design of the dial brings classical and modern experience to the wearers. The hollowed dial is a test of craftsmanship and an extraordinary visual enjoyment!


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