FK厂-美-舵手穿越者型腕表,尺寸44mmX11.8mm 搭载海鸥2836机芯 壳套采用复古做旧的特殊工艺处理。外观骏酷硬朗,佩戴时尚前卫 每一只表壳均经历反复的电镀和调整;

FK factory-American-helmsman-crossing wristwatch, size 44mmX11.8mm, equipped with Seagull 2836 movement shell, which is treated with a special process of vintage. The appearance is cool and tough, and every case wearing fashion avant-garde has undergone repeated electroplating and adjustment;
[Wonderful details] The dial shading is decorated with Geneva stripes, with large hands and scales, which fully displays the masculine charm of men while maintaining the tough and sharp design style of the series. Swiss super luminous coating is adopted, even in dark environment, it does not affect reading time and counting.
“Strap buckle” adopts imported crazy horse skin, with soft and comfortable texture and retro style. It echoes the design of the watch case from beginning to end.
FK factory is the king of price/performance ratio, and it’s up to you.