V8-美度-指挥官男女机械对表 男40mm女33mm,全自动瑞士机械机芯ETA2836,原装1:1ETA机械机芯,精钢,原装蝴蝶扣,更是釆用AAA蓝宝石防刮镜面。上班休闲百搭都适用,一个如雷贯耳,众明星追捧品牌,一个人见人爱的款式,表如其人,你值得拥有! 【可单独买男/女款,拿一对批发价额外优惠30元一个】

The V8- Mido-Commander’s mechanical watch for men and women is 40mm for men and 33mm for women. The automatic Swiss mechanical movement ETA2836, original 1:1ETA mechanical movement, fine steel, original butterfly buckle and AAA sapphire scratch-resistant mirror are used. Work, leisure and joker are all applicable. One is famous for its brand, and the other is a style that everyone loves. You deserve it! [You can buy male/female models separately, and get a pair of wholesale prices for an extra discount in 30 yuan]