V8厂-2836机械完美系列 42mm缩略图

V8厂-2836机械完美系列 42mm

V8-美度2836机械完美系列 42mm,个性化设计,风格时尚潮流,钢带更是精致 品牌中王牌,让人胜不释手,您得拥有!价格很贵,只因品质真好 出入专柜无压力,专柜六七千!

V8- Mido 2836 Mechanical Perfect Series 42mm, personalized design, style and fashion trend, steel belt is the trump card of exquisite brand, which makes people can’t put it down, you have to have it! The price is very expensive, just because the quality is really good, there is no pressure to enter and exit the counter, and the counter is six or seven thousand!