V8厂- 指挥官二代系列 40mm缩略图

V8厂- 指挥官二代系列 40mm

美度MIDO 指挥官二代系列 没有什么比他们更好听更好看的了,霸气指挥官男40mm 全自动海鸥2836机械机芯,精钢,原装蝴蝶扣,更是釆用AAA蓝宝石防刮镜面。上班休闲百搭都适用,一个如雷贯耳,众明星追捧品牌,一个人见人爱的款式,表如其人,你值得拥有!请看侧面细节!

There is nothing better to hear and look at the second generation series of MIDO commanders. The domineering commander male 40mm automatic Seagull 2836 mechanical movement, fine steel, original butterfly buckle and AAA sapphire scratch-resistant mirror are used. Work, leisure and joker are all applicable. One is famous for its brand, and the other is a style that everyone loves. You deserve it! Please see the side details!