V8厂-大舵手系列 男42mm缩略图

V8厂-大舵手系列 男42mm

【v8出品最高品质】美度大舵手系列 你们还在因为烦恼皮带防水不理想,钢带又不方便吗!推出超级无敌防水胶带 材料顶级 男42mm 搭载海鸥ETA2836双历显示机械机芯,原装按扣,一个人见人爱的款式,表如其人,你值得拥有!请看侧面细节!

[v8 produces the highest quality] Mido Helmsman Series You are still worried that the belt is not waterproof and the steel belt is inconvenient! Introduced super invincible waterproof tape material, the top men’s 42mm is equipped with seagull ETA2836 double calendar display mechanical movement, the original snap button, a style that everyone loves, looks like its own person, and you deserve it! Please see the side details!