V8出品:美度MIDO-舵手MULTIFORT系列M005.430.36.051.80机械男表 搭载海鸥2836机械,直径42mm,外观霸气,人见人爱,细节到位,再加上不退色的外层更是大大提高珍藏价值,有了它,不牛不行;

Produced by V8: MIDO- helmsman MULTIFORT series M005.430.36.051.80 mechanical men’s watch is equipped with Seagull 2836 machinery, with a diameter of 42mm, which is domineering in appearance, loved by everyone, and in place in details. In addition, the outer layer that does not fade greatly enhances the collection value. With it, it is impossible to live without cattle;


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