V8-美度-舵手系列6针计时瑞士7750机械,44mm,历时半年,精工打造,看点:1、面与针夜光跟专柜同款同样,2、超级立体,3、上下表面均采用进口蓝宝石玻璃 ,真正做到真材实料,品质优良,物有所值 大款们看准细节 ,吊牌,这就是一块性价比超高的–美度;

V8- Mido-Helmsman Series 6-pin chronograph Swiss 7750 machine, 44mm, which lasted for half a year and was made by Seiko. Highlights: 1. The luminous surface and needle are the same as those of the counter; 2. Super stereo; 3. Imported sapphire glass is used on the upper and lower surfaces, which is truly genuine, with good quality and value for money. Big money pays attention to details and tags, which is a piece of super high cost performance-price-