ZF优雅新品【灵动美钻 璀璨萧邦!】缩略图

ZF优雅新品【灵动美钻 璀璨萧邦!】

ZF优雅新品【灵动美钻 璀璨萧邦!】 ZF真“芯”女表之——萧邦Happy Diamonds石英系列278509腕表华丽登场! 【表壳】腕表尺寸30mm,高度抛光工艺制作而成的表壳采用316精钢制作.可以在腕表双层蓝宝石水晶玻璃表镜之间,恣意欣赏自在滑动的施华洛世奇美钻。ZF厂将原版正品的灵动活跃完美还原,尽显精致浪漫。 【表带 扣】采用意大利小牛皮表带,皮质细腻,柔软舒适。原装表扣,细腻精致。ZF厂将正品的每一个细节都展现得淋漓尽致。 【最大卖点】机芯是该复刻品的灵魂所在.ZF采用与原装肖邦一致的ETA955.112石英机芯。该机芯不仅价格昂贵,并且数量稀少!经久耐用,高效准时,给每一位选择ZF厂腕表的忠实粉丝带来最完美的正品体验! ZF真“芯”之作——演绎时尚,洋溢自由!欢迎各路表友品鉴!

ZF’s elegant new product [Smart, beautiful, brilliant and Chopin! 】 ZF is the real “core” of women’s watches-Chopin Happy Diamonds Shi Ying series 278509 watches are gorgeous! [Case] The size of the watch is 30mm, and the highly polished case is made of 316 fine steel. You can enjoy the Swarovski diamond that slides freely between the double-layer sapphire crystal glass mirrors of the watch. ZF factory perfectly restores the original genuine smart and active, showing exquisiteness and romance. [strap buckle] adopts Italian calfskin strap with delicate leather, soft and comfortable. Original clasp, delicate and delicate. ZF Factory shows every detail of genuine products to the fullest. [The biggest selling point] The movement is the soul of this replica. ZF adopts ETA955.112 Shi Ying movement consistent with original Chopin. This movement is not only expensive, but also rare in number! Durable, efficient and punctual, bringing the most perfect authentic experience to every loyal fan who chooses watches from ZF factory! ZF’s true “core” work-interpreting fashion and brimming with freedom! Welcome all kinds of table friends to taste!