ZF匠心之作,厚积薄发!【灵动美钻 璀璨萧邦!】修正了市面版本的所有不足。钻石更靓,细节更精,还原度更高。 ZF匠心之作——萧邦Happy Diamonds机械系列278559腕表华丽登场! 【表壳】腕表尺寸36mm,高度抛光工艺制作而成的表壳采用316精钢制作.可以在腕表双层蓝宝石水晶玻璃表镜之间,恣意欣赏自在滑动的施华洛世奇美钻。ZF厂将原版正品的灵动活跃完美还原,尽显精致浪漫。 【表带 扣】与原装一致采用最顶级的美洲短吻鳄鱼皮表带,材质柔软,佩戴超级舒服。原装表扣,细腻精致。ZF厂将正品的每一个细节都展现得淋漓尽致。 【机芯】采用与正品同一结构的海鸥2892自动上旋机芯。两者摆轮位置一致,调试日历的方向和上链手感均百分百吻合与原装。 ZF优雅之作——演绎时尚,洋溢自由!欢迎各路表友品鉴

ZF’s ingenious work has accumulated a lot! [Smart and beautiful diamond shines Chopin! ] Fixed all shortcomings of the market version. DIA is more beautiful, with finer details and higher degree of reduction. ZF’s ingenious work-Chopin Happy Diamonds mechanical series 278559 wrist watch is gorgeous! [Case] The size of the watch is 36mm, and the highly polished case is made of 316 fine steel. You can enjoy the Swarovski diamond that slides freely between the double-layer sapphire crystal glass mirrors of the watch. ZF factory perfectly restores the original genuine smart and active, showing exquisiteness and romance. [Strap buckle] The top American alligator leather strap is the same as the original one, which is soft and super comfortable to wear. Original clasp, delicate and delicate. ZF Factory shows every detail of genuine products to the fullest. [Movement] Seagull 2892 automatic winding movement with the same structure as the genuine one. The balance wheel positions of the two are consistent, and the direction and winding hand feel of the debugging calendar are 100% consistent with the original one. ZF’s elegant work-Deducting fashion and brimming with freedom! Welcome all kinds of table friends to taste