FK adds another fierce general; Chopin L.U.C.-168544-3002. Silver-gray literals stand out under light. In order to make the glossiness of the literals consistent, the materials are the same as the authentic ones and match the same technology. The position and complete specifications of the pointer (with luminous light) and the six-point calendar window have been corrected and fine-tuned 12 times. The specifications of refined parts such as collar, crown and so on can be exchanged with genuine parts, so as to achieve the complete 1:1 from the front details. Screw posts are used for fixing the outer ring, and the number of screws is consistent, which is precisely processed by cnc. The movement uses the 9015 movement with strong stability, and FK is deeply polished on the basis of the movement, which makes the original ordinary movement have certain appreciation value. The transparency of glass increases, which will not have any influence on reading from different angles. The upper and lower sapphire glass double-layer vacuum films emit filar silk and blue, and the color is consistent with that of genuine products. The (non-dark blue) case 316l has obvious fine steel and proper limit, and the Lasha process flow and samples are consistent with that of genuine products. At the same time, the inner cover also adopts the flower washing process, and the four-piece set gathers. Size; 42×11.39 (mm).