OM 宝珀villeret 经典6654 全新V3升级版机械表缩略图

OM 宝珀villeret 经典6654 全新V3升级版机械表

OM 宝珀villeret 经典6654 全新V3升级版来咯 从“芯”出发,去繁就简 让属于你的分秒瞬间更加完整! 🌟升级亮点🌟 【机芯】全新一体机,告别夹板机 机芯中心轴边的小齿轮同原版一致可以随着陀片的转动而转动 【表壳】V3表壳厚度为11.7mm 比V2 薄0.6mm OM 宝珀6654 全新V3升级版——你值得拥有!

OM Blancpain villeret Classic 6654, a brand-new V3 upgraded version, starts from the “core”, simplifies the complexity and makes your minutes and seconds more complete! Upgrade highlights [movement] a brand-new all-in-one machine, bid farewell to the pinion at the center axis of the splint machine movement, which is consistent with the original one and can rotate with the rotation of the tuo plate. [Case] The thickness of V3 case is 11.7mm thinner than V2 by 0.6mm, and OM 6654 is a brand-new V3 upgraded version-you deserve it! pack up