ZF典藏精品【雄浑宽厚,大家风范】 超级夜光缩略图

ZF典藏精品【雄浑宽厚,大家风范】 超级夜光

ZF典藏精品【雄浑宽厚,大家风范】 超级夜光,宽厚的表壳设计,优雅的蓝宝石表圈,成就潜水鼻祖。 【技术难点】采用蓝宝石打造的表圈口是腕表最有价值的部分,蓝宝石的硬度相当,脆点诡异,十分难处理,要达到原装灵气逼人且纤薄有力的效果,成品率只能控制在3到5层左右。 【精髓所在】霸气侧漏的表壳做工十分精湛,每一道抛光或是拉丝,都经过ZF制表师耐心的处理。确保效果和神韵都能和正品相随。 ZF出品,必属精品。50寻,你值得拥有

ZF collection of fine products [bold and generous, everyone’s style] Super luminous, generous case design and elegant sapphire bezel are the originator of diving. [Technical Difficulties] The bezel made of sapphire is the most valuable part of the watch. Sapphire has the same hardness and strange brittleness, which is very difficult to handle. To achieve the original aura, which is aggressive, slim and powerful, the yield can only be controlled at about 3 to 5 layers. [Essence] The watch case with domineering side leakage is exquisite in workmanship, and every polishing or drawing is patiently handled by ZF watchmaker. Ensure that the effect and charm can follow the genuine products. Produced by ZF, it must be a fine product. 50 searches, you deserve it