【ZF厂】五十噚/50寻 出货ZF50噚终极版

ZF出品具体修正细节如下 1.修正生耳的规格和形状(和原装百分百吻合通用) 2.修正壳套细节,使之吻合正品的气质,提升表头的质感。 3.修正夜光效果,扩大四个阿拉伯数字上夜光的部分,缩小金属包边的尺寸,使之能够吻合原装版型,发挥提升夜光效果。 4.修正市场现有版本玻璃反光重影的问题,修正之后从侧面观察紫罗兰镀膜效果是汇聚于玻璃的边沿处,一目了然。还原正品的工艺。ZF出品,必属精品。

The specific correction details produced by ZF are as follows 1. revise the specifications and shapes of raw ears (which are 100% consistent with the original ones) 2. Modify the details of the shell to make it conform to the genuine temperament and improve the texture of the meter head. 3. Correct the luminous effect, enlarge the luminous parts on the four Arabic numerals, and reduce the size of the metal edging, so that it can conform to the original version and play a role in improving the luminous effect. 4. Correct the problem of double reflection of the existing version of glass in the market. After correction, observe from the side that the coating effect of violet is converged at the edge of glass, which is clear at a glance. The process of restoring genuine products. Produced by ZF, it must be a fine product.