【ZF厂】宝珀五十寻蓝色开始发售 原装在手 天下我有 因为50寻的蓝面最有难度(要达到媲美原装的蓝色需要经历多次修改和确认)。50寻蓝面作为本系列的压轴产品(也会是最成功的)。和市场现有版本的区别是蓝色部分变得更加深沉内敛,还原品牌稳健低调的魅力。升级打磨和拉丝的工艺使壳套整体工整有力。配合蓝宝玻璃镜面的紫罗兰镀膜。不仅磅礴大气,更是吻合原装卓越经典的气质。ZF出品,必属精品。

[ZF Factory] Blancpain’s 50-search blue is on sale. The original one is in hand. I have it because the 50-search blue face is the most difficult (it needs to be revised and confirmed many times to reach the original blue). 50-looking blue face is the final product of this series (and it will be the most successful). The difference with the existing version of the market is that the blue part becomes deeper and more restrained, which restores the brand’s steady and low-key charm. Upgrade the grinding and wire drawing process to make the whole shell neat and powerful. Violet coating with sapphire glass mirror. Not only the majestic atmosphere, but also the original excellent classic temperament. Produced by ZF, it must be a fine product.