[[GF new product] Blancpain 50-looking 43.6mm men’s watch-high-tech satin gray ceramic has bright luster, high hardness, no discoloration, no stain and no wear.
[Case] The tooth ring is opposite to the plate, which has a strong three-dimensional effect! , feels smooth and does not hurt the skin. The inscription of crown (handle) is neat and superb!
[Buckle] The inside and outside polishing of satin ceramic buckle is also meticulous, and the tip of the buckle needle has been chamfered and polished on many sides, which perfectly restores the genuine details!
[movement] the precise Hangzhou 7 series movement is changed to the Cal.1315 movement produced by Blancpain, and the color of the splint gem bearing is the same as the original one, so that the color is really pure and the splint is no longer fake! One-piece splint, besides the appearance closer to the original one, can better protect the movement, and the quality is more stable! After grinding, the splint is chamfered, and the slow work is only to prevent the copper chips of the splint from falling off the movement and causing the movement to stop.
“Dial” is the same size as the calendar, with 100% imported C3 luminous from Switzerland, and the brightness durability is almost equal to the original authentic!
[Waterproof] Factory 100% third-degree waterproof test.
[A pair of imported fluororubber diving strap is attached]