ZF非凡经典【持续发光 不断创新】ZF创新之举,高科技钛陶瓷——带你领略50寻独特的蓝色格调【材质科普】碳化钛陶瓷属于超硬度材料,熔点高,物理性能卓越。备受航空领域的广泛推崇(火箭喷射器的隔热壁就是采用钛陶)【表壳】由于材料的特质极度坚硬,脆点不定。打磨表壳的难度直线飙升,成品率之能维持在三到四成。每一只成品壳套均是来之不易。【表盘】凭借多年的经验,ZF早已掌握蓝色盘面的复刻精髓。给未来复刻宝珀全系列打下坚实的基础。【技术突破】采用精准稳定的杭州7系机芯改宝珀自产Cal.1315机芯,大小夹板均能做到完美倒角,并做镀铑加工。夹板采用瑞士进口宝石轴承点缀,色泽纯良,鲜艳自然。

ZF’s extraordinary classic [Continuous illumination and continuous innovation] ZF’s innovation, high-tech titanium ceramics-show you 50 unique blue styles [Material Science] Titanium carbide ceramics are super-hard materials with high melting point and excellent physical properties. Widely respected in aviation field (the thermal insulation wall of rocket ejector is made of titanium ceramic) [Case] is extremely hard due to its material characteristics, and its brittleness is uncertain. The difficulty of polishing the watch case has soared, and the yield can be maintained at 30% to 40%. Every finished shell is hard-won. [Dial] With years of experience, ZF has already mastered the essence of blue disk reproduction. To lay a solid foundation for the future reproduction of the whole series of Blancpain. [Technical Breakthrough] The Hangzhou 7 Series movement, which is accurate and stable, was changed to the Cal.1315 movement produced by Blancpain, and the large and small splints could be perfectly chamfered and rhodium plated. The splint is decorated with Swiss imported gemstone bearings, which is pure in color, bright and natural.