6651-1127-55B 经典系列 搭配进口9015机芯改装原版缩略图

6651-1127-55B 经典系列 搭配进口9015机芯改装原版

宝珀 6651-1127-55B 经典系列 搭配进口9015机芯改装原版:
Cal.1151自动机械,意大利牛皮表带 40毫米,表扣类型:折叠扣 男士,深深扎根于传统,以纯粹的线条、清晰明快的表盘加上永恒的典雅气质,构成该系列腕表鲜明的个性。此款腕表素气的表盘,低调又文艺。简洁的大三针设计,复古的罗马数字。三点位置设有日期显示窗口,可以一手掌握时间。儒雅、绅士、低调、含蓄,简约而不简单,让人气质优雅

Blancpain 6651-1127-55B classic series with imported 9015 movement modified original version:
Cal.1151 automatic machine, Italian leather strap 40mm, buckle type: folding buckle man, deeply rooted in tradition, with pure lines, clear and bright dial and eternal elegance, it constitutes the distinctive personality of this series of watches. The elegant dial of this watch is low-key and literary. Simple big three-pin design, retro Roman numerals. There is a date display window at three o’clock position, so you can master the time with one hand. Elegant, gentleman, low-key, subtle, simple but not simple, making people elegant