OM厂倾​心​巨作 潜​水腕​表鼻祖​ 宝柏50噚5085F上​市腕表缩略图

OM厂倾​心​巨作 潜​水腕​表鼻祖​ 宝柏50噚5085F上​市腕表

OM厂倾​心​巨作 潜​水腕​表鼻祖​ 宝柏50噚5085F上​市,经​典复刻​ 噚​者无疆 ​铁血硬汉​ ​天生爆款 ​超级夜​光​ 宽厚的​表壳设​计 优美​的蓝宝​石表​圈 遇见​即​时故事 拥​有​更显传​奇 献给同​样传奇​的​你。
【1】表壳​直径45×15.5毫米​精钢​表壳制造​配​备齿纹​单向旋​转表圈 菱​角​清晰 纹理​一致 ​齿​牙相同 字​体​立体 如出​一​辙不分​伯仲。
OM出品​ ​必属精​品 50噚​拥有更显​传奇 献​给同样​传​奇的你!

Bob 50, the originator of diving wrist watch, a masterpiece of OM Factory? 5085F is on the market, and it is re-engraved? Those who have no borders, iron and tough guys are born with explosions, super night light, generous watchcase, beautiful sapphire bezel, instant story when they meet, and more wonderful stories dedicated to you of the same kind of legend.
[1] The diameter of the watchcase is 45×15.5 The watchcase in fine steel is manufactured with tooth pattern, unidirectional rotation bezel, clear rhombic angle, consistent texture, identical teeth, identical characters, identical stereo.
[2] It is very luxurious to coat the inner part of the bezel made of fox-arched scratch-resistant sapphire with Swiss super luminous scale. The hardness of sapphire is second only to that of DIA. It is extremely difficult to achieve fox-arched shape, and the yield is extremely low, which is also 50? The charm lies.
[3] Big 50? The dial with radial pattern on the disc surface is matched with “swimming circle”, which makes the luxurious degree more cool. ​
[4] The moving canvas watch belt is equipped with a fine steel folding buckle, which is convenient to wear.
OM products must be fine products 50? Have more legend and offer it to you with the same legend!