『ZF精品』💎💎神器小红花~现下单即送帆布表带(送完即止)ZF新品 2017年巴塞尔新款小红花,在老款的基础上官方做出了细节调整1.调整玻璃的款式将原先的平行设计修改成锅盖形,更加强烈的展现该系列复古怀旧的情怀2.重新设计钢带,17款小红花表带两侧的链节以铆钉连接,结构呈阶梯形,荟萃过往的特点,融合现在的设计41mm口径的表壳搭配冰蓝色调转圈,”铆钉式”不锈钢表带于圆拱形镜面首尾呼 在这个夏天给你带来不一样的体验

“ZF Boutique” Artifact Little Red Flower ~ canvas strap will be delivered as soon as the order is placed (while stocks last). ZF new product Basel new little red flower in 2017, the official has made detailed adjustment on the basis of the old model. 1. Adjust the style of glass to change the original parallel design into a pot cover shape, which will show the retro nostalgia of this series more strongly. 2. Redesign the steel belt, and the chain links on both sides of 17 small red flower straps are connected by rivets, with a ladder-shaped structure, which integrates the past characteristics. Combining the current design, the 41mm diameter case is matched with the ice blue color circle, and the “rivet-type” stainless steel strap calls on the dome-shaped mirror surface to bring you a different experience this summer