ZF新款碧湾1958系列 79030、39mm缩略图

ZF新款碧湾1958系列 79030、39mm

ZF年度最佳精品【碧湾小盾 复古别致】 ZF震撼推出——帝陀碧湾系列M79030N-0001腕表,红三角,金时标,小尺寸,巧妙融合品牌传统美学与当代制表工艺,极尽复古韵味。 【表壳】腕表尺寸39mmX11.9mm,ZF精准还原更为轻薄的精巧外壳,同正品一样把表耳间距也减小到20毫米,比例恰到好处,更加贴合纤细型的手腕。精致非凡的表壳,斜边经由ZF制表师抛光润饰,不刮手,极致实现原版硬朗复古的完美品味。 【表带】同步原装的“铆钉”不锈钢表带,融合舒适贴手与精致复古于一身。打磨细腻,采用实心链节,两侧链节以铆钉头连接,呈现独特的阶梯形结构,表带边缘及表扣圆润不锋利,佩戴便捷,上手舒适。 【机芯】采用性能卓越的海鸥2824自动上旋机芯,功能与正品百分百吻合 ZF出品,必属精品!年度最佳晚上精品,等您来品!

ZF’s best boutique of the year [Biwan Xiaodun is retro and chic] ZF launched shockingly-Tito Biwan series M79030N-0001 watches, with red triangle, golden hour markers and small size, skillfully blend the traditional aesthetics of the brand with contemporary watchmaking techniques, and have a retro charm. [Case] The size of the wristwatch is 39mmX11.9mm ZF accurately restores the thinner and more delicate shell, and reduces the ear spacing to 20mm like the genuine one, which is just right in proportion and fits the slender wrist better. Exquisite and extraordinary case, the bevel edge is polished and finished by ZF watchmaker, without scratching hands, which achieves the perfect taste of the original version. [Strap] Synchronizes the original “rivet” stainless steel strap, which combines comfortable hand fitting with exquisite retro style. It is finely polished and adopts solid chain links. The chain links on both sides are connected by rivet heads, showing a unique stepped structure. The edges and buckles of the strap are round and not sharp, making it easy to wear and comfortable to use. [Movement] adopts Seagull 2824 self-rotating movement with excellent performance, and its function is 100% consistent with that of genuine products Produced by ZF, it must be a fine product! Best evening products of the year, waiting for you!