ZF 启承复古绿圈缩略图

ZF 启承复古绿圈

ZF成名大作帝陀碧湾2018新品。沉淀了往日经典的岁月,融合当下美好时光。腕表整体坚毅秀气,复古内敛。 【精彩细节】腕表尺寸41mmX13mm。锅盖型的蓝宝石水晶玻璃透彻无比。表带两侧以柳钉镶贴装饰,还原帝陀品牌早前的设计。两者融合,凸显腕表坚毅复古的气质风范。 【难度突破】橄榄绿圈口与原装一致都采用阳极氧化铝。该材质的物理性质(耐腐蚀,高硬度)非常稳定。圈口颜色历经ZF繁复调整,相似度可达95%,效果直逼正品。 买帝陀,认准ZF ZF出品 必属精品

ZF is a famous masterpiece, Tito Biwan 2018 New Product. Precipitate the classic years of the past and blend the good times of the present. The watch as a whole is resolute and delicate, retro and restrained. [Wonderful details] The size of the watch is 41mmX13mm. Sapphire crystal glass with pot cover is extremely thorough. Both sides of the strap are decorated with willow nails to restore the earlier design of Diduo brand. The combination of the two highlights the resolute and retro temperament of the watch. [Difficulty Breakthrough] The olive green ring mouth is the same as the original one, and it is made of anodized aluminum. The physical properties (corrosion resistance, high hardness) of this material are very stable. After complicated adjustment by ZF, the ring color has a similarity of 95%, and the effect is almost equal to that of genuine products. Buy Diduo and look for ZFZFZF products to be fine products