[ZF Shenzuo Dituo Small Steel Shield] 2017 Basel New 79730 Watch [Case] The diameter of the watch is 41mm. Angular and masculine. From cutting casting blank with CNC numerical control machine tool to forming, and finally adding mirror polishing and frosting and wire drawing to finish fine grinding, every ZF finished watchcase needs to go through more than ten working procedures and cooperate with various grinding equipment tools and auxiliary materials, so that the black color of [dial] can be consistent with the original one with slight frosting feeling. LOGO and English use overlay printing technology, which is simple to say, but the yield is very low. Overlay printing is repeated on the original basis. During this period, you can’t print crooked or fuzzy and uneven, which makes the logo letters slightly bulge. Exquisite and extraordinary [Mirror] ZF adopts sapphire material consistent with the original, and cooperates with inner and outer double-layer anti-vertigo super-transparent coating. In some angles, you will find that the glass is gone ~ [Steel belt] is a brand-new design, and the chain links on both sides of the strap are connected by rivets, and the structure is stepped, which greatly increases the difficulty. ZF follows closely and presents perfectly (it can be used mutually)