【ZF神作帝陀小钢盾】 2017巴塞尔新品79730腕表 【表壳】腕表直径41mm。棱角分明,阳刚大气。从使用CNC数控机床切割铸胚到成形,最后加入镜面抛光和磨砂拉丝的工艺精工打磨复刻原版,每一个ZF的成品表壳,需要历经十几道工序以及配合多种打磨设备工具和辅料,方能完成 【表盘】黑色带有轻微磨砂感于原装一致,LOGO和英文采用叠加印刷技术,说来简单但是成品率很低,叠加印刷是在原有的基础上重叠印刷多次。期间不可以印歪或是模糊不匀,使logo字母微微隆起,精致非凡 【镜面】ZF采用与原装一致的蓝宝石材料,配合内外双层防眩晕超透镀膜,在有的角度下,你会发现玻璃不见了~ 【钢带】全新的设计,表带两侧的链节以铆钉连接,结构呈阶梯形,难度大增。ZF紧跟正品脚步,完美复刻呈现(可以与原装相互通用)

[ZF God Works as Emperor Tuo Small Steel Shield] 2017 Basel new 79730 watch [Case] The diameter of the watch is 41mm. Angular and masculine. From cutting the casting blank with CNC numerical control machine tool to forming, and finally adding the process of mirror polishing and frosting wire drawing, each ZF finished watch case needs to go through more than ten processes and cooperate with various grinding equipment tools and accessories. Can be completed [Dial] Black is slightly frosted, which is the same as the original one. LOGO and English use overlay printing technology, which is simple but low in yield. Overlay printing is repeated on the original basis. During the period, it is not allowed to be printed askew or blurred, so that the logo letters are slightly raised and exquisite [Mirror] ZF adopts sapphire material consistent with the original, and cooperates with internal and external double-layer anti-vertigo super-transparent coating. Under some angles, you will find that the glass is gone ~ “Steel belt” is a brand-new design, the chain links on both sides of the strap are connected by rivets, and the structure is stepped, which greatly increases the difficulty. ZF follows the footsteps of genuine products and is perfectly reproduced (it can be mutually used with the original ones)