LF帝 舵碧湾系列41mm腕表到货🔥LF新品到货】碧湾M79540系列41腕表 🔥帝 舵碧湾系列41mm腕表到货🔥LF新品到货【三年磨一剑 年末巨献】碧湾M79540系列41腕表,2018年度官网最新款式。如果您觉得劳力士辨识度太高、浪琴又烂大街,那么不妨考虑下它。正装休闲两不误、低调而不平庸、稳重而不失灵动。【整体】:整表正品开模铸造、零部件均可达原厂级别、真正实现配件通用化的最佳副本。钢带与皮带为了匹配折叠扣无障碍使用、细节打磨和尺寸均同步正品。【表壳】:表经为41mm的标准尺寸、完美匹配大众男性手寸。由进口316L精钢铸造、表耳哑光拉丝、圈口和斜边经由抛光润饰、极致还原了正品硬朗流畅的线条。【表面】:超强夜光由瑞士A级Super-LumiNova C1无放射性夜光材料填充而成。采用蓝宝石防刮镜面、上下均有Air透明无色镀膜、极致通透。表盘由特殊的搪瓷工艺处理、实物令人惊艳。【机芯】:密底无破绽,跟随正品采用同结构返厂率极低的Cal.2824自动机芯。Lee Factory郑重承诺“每一只产品出库均完成误差、除尘、防水等QC检测”。

LF Rudder Biwan Series 41mm watches arrive LF new products arrive] Biwan M79540 Series 41 watches The 41mm watches of Diduo Biwan series arrive at LF, and new products arrive at LF [Three-year grinding and a sword at the end of the year] Biwan M79540 series 41 watches, the latest style in official website in 2018. If you think Rolex is too recognizable and Longines are bad streets, consider it. Dressing and leisure are correct, low-key but not mediocre, steady and smart. [Overall]: The best copy of the whole table which is produced by genuine open mold casting, parts and components can reach the original factory level, and truly realize the generalization of accessories. The steel belt and belt can be used without barriers in order to match the folding buckle, and the details are polished and the size is synchronous. [Case]: The wristwatch is of standard size of 41mm, which perfectly matches the size of popular men’s hands. Made by imported 316L fine steel casting, matte wire drawing of the ear, polishing and finishing of the ring mouth and bevel edge, the genuine tough and smooth lines are restored to the extreme. [surface]: super luminous material is filled with Swiss class a Super-LumiNova C1 non-radioactive luminous material. Sapphire scratch-resistant mirror, Air transparent colorless coating on top and bottom, which is extremely transparent. The dial is treated by special enamel process, and the real thing is amazing. [movement]: with a tight base and no flaws, it adopts Cal.2824 automatic movement with the same structure and extremely low return rate. Lee Factory solemnly promises that “every product will complete QC inspection of error, dust removal, waterproof, etc.”.