KRF推出Tudor Black Bay 36mm 中小手腕专用复刻腕表(17cm腕周之内)皮带版 1:1 完美复刻外构与内构。全部配件100%互换与原装手表 进口芬兰316L精钢 无色差黑色或蓝色表盘 瑞士A级 Super-LumiNova C1夜光 抛光的表圈包裹真蓝宝石无色防反射镀膜镜面 3D立体时,分,秒针 全新海鸥2824自动机芯 旋入式表冠与黑色金属冠保护 法国进口Vintage皮革带 Tudor盾形不锈钢折叠扣

KRF launched the belt version of Tudor Black Bay 36mm special replica wrist watch (within 17cm wrist circumference) 1.1 perfect replica of external structure and internal structure. All accessories are 100% interchangeable with original watches Import Finland 316L fine steel Color-free black or blue dial Swiss class A Super-LumiNova C1 luminous The polished bezel wraps the true sapphire colorless anti-reflection coating mirror surface Three-dimensional hour, minute and second hand New Seagull 2824 Automatic Movement Screw-in crown and protection of ferrous metal crown Vintage leather belt imported from France Tudor shield stainless steel folding buckle