ZF厂 帝舵驼 碧湾系列红蓝圈GMT缩略图

ZF厂 帝舵驼 碧湾系列红蓝圈GMT

ZF震撼推出——碧湾系列之格林尼治型腕表。以传统设计融合格林尼治“红蓝”经典,成就此复古运动的腕上佳品。 【表壳】ZF完美还原41mm直径的哑光拉丝外壳,斜边经由抛光润饰,不刮手,极致实现原版硬朗流畅的线条。可双向旋转的“红蓝可乐圈”采用阳极氧化铝所制(材质对应原版)彰显厂家专业的复刻底蕴 【镜面】采用蓝宝石水晶玻璃,还原正品复古怀旧的锅盖造型 【表带】同步原装的“铆钉”不锈钢表带,打磨精细,采用实心链节,两侧链节以铆钉头连接,呈现独特的阶梯形结构,表带边缘及表扣圆润不锋利,佩戴便捷,上手舒适 【机芯】采用性能卓越的海鸥2836机芯改MT5652型机芯,功能百分百吻合 ZF出品,必属精品!年度最热腕上佳品,有请广大表友关注支持~!

ZF launched the Greenwich wristwatch in Biwan series. Combining traditional design with Greenwich’s “Red and Blue” classics, it is the best wrist product of this retro movement. [Case] ZF perfectly restores the matte brushed shell with a diameter of 41mm, and the bevel edge is polished and polished without scratching hands, so as to achieve the tough and smooth lines of the original version. The “red and blue cola ring” which can rotate in two directions is made of anodized aluminum (the material corresponds to the original version), which shows the professional reproduction of the manufacturer “Mirror” uses sapphire crystal glass to restore the genuine retro and nostalgic pot cover shape [Strap] Synchronized with the original “rivet” stainless steel strap, it is finely polished and adopts solid links. The links on both sides are connected by rivet heads, showing a unique stepped structure. The edge of the strap and the clasp are round and not sharp, which is convenient to wear and comfortable to use. [Movement] The Seagull 2836 movement with excellent performance is changed to MT5652 movement, and its functions are 100% consistent Produced by ZF, it must be a fine product! The hottest wrist products of the year, please pay attention to and support the majority of table friends ~!