【JF厂】铜花 青铜壳 搭载2824机芯缩略图

【JF厂】铜花 青铜壳 搭载2824机芯

JF精品 帝舵 铜花 青铜壳 搭载2824机芯 蓝宝石镜面 超级夜光 尺寸:43mm x 12mm 功能:小时,分针,秒针,日历 机芯:海鸥2824机芯(机芯甲板雕花打磨,机芯的性能在稳定性和误差上比较出色) 镜面:蓝宝石镜面超级夜光 材质:铜材质表壳与正品一致(红色单转表框,金色数字刻度) 表带:牛皮表带 防水:100米

JF boutique Tudor bronze shell is equipped with 2824 movement sapphire mirror super luminous Dimensions: 43mm x 12mm Functions: hour, minute hand, second hand, calendar Movement: Seagull 2824 movement (the deck of the movement is carved and polished, and the performance of the movement is excellent in stability and error) Mirror: sapphire mirror super luminous Material: the copper case is consistent with the genuine one (red single-turn case, golden digital scale) Strap: cowhide strap Waterproof: 100m