JB宇舶(恒宝)MASTERPIECE系列906款真陀飞轮,定制量产HUB 9006手动上链陀飞轮机芯,96%以上接近原装结构,所有齿轮真实传动无装饰,和原装一样的双重镜面字面,48小时续航,精准5±日差出货。表壳在纯水刀切割精钢的基础上电镀加厚18K玫瑰金/铂金,经久不掉色成色好,表带正面为头层牛皮,背面为进口泰国天然橡胶,柔韧服贴又防水,正反两面镜面均为蓝宝石水晶玻璃,防刮且通透。腕表整体大方又百搭,适合各个年龄阶段的成功男士,上手效果极佳。JB Factory-专为高端陀飞轮而生。

JB Hublot (hublot) MASTERPIECE series 906 real tourbillon, customized and mass-produced HUB 9006 manually wound tourbillon movement, more than 96% of which is close to the original structure, all gears are real transmission without decoration, with the same double mirror surface literal as the original, 48-hour battery life, accurate 5 day difference shipment. The watch case is electroplated with thickened 18K rose gold/platinum on the basis of cutting the fine steel with a pure water knife, which has good color without fading for a long time. The front of the strap is the first layer of cowhide, and the back is imported Thai natural rubber, which is flexible, conformable and waterproof. The front and back mirrors are sapphire crystal glass, which is scratch-proof and transparent. The watch is generous and versatile as a whole, which is suitable for successful men of all ages and has excellent starting effect. JB Factory- designed for high-end tourbillon.