HB专业出品——宇舶表Big Bang Sang Bleu 刺青腕表个性登场缩略图

HB专业出品——宇舶表Big Bang Sang Bleu 刺青腕表个性登场

HB专业出品——宇舶表Big Bang Sang Bleu 刺青腕表个性登场!和谐的图案与均衡的比例融 到货HB[色][色] 专业出品——宇舶表Big Bang Sang Bleu 刺青腕表个性登场!和谐的图案与均衡的比例融合共生,在时间的维度中完美演绎几何形状的无穷奥秘! 【技术突破】采用定制版HUB1213型机芯——实现外观,功能,频率完美同步原装,无与伦比的稳定走时之下,美轮美奂。 【精彩细节】腕表尺寸45X14 原装拆解开模。 1.确保版型对位:采用瑞士专业级校正仪来采集版型,经多次调整,确保复杂的几何线条吻合原装,立体交错,棱角分明。 2.提高打磨标准:每一只成品都经历HB制表师的精雕细琢和严格把控。确保能够实现原装一致的轮廓和交错的线条。 3.重叠三枚八角形镂空叶片指针并做镀铑处理,工艺对正原装,效果永不掉色。 【精益求精】表带和表扣升级了市面所有版本的任何不足 1.表带选取的黑色小牛皮经过热印处理之后更加柔软,内衬采用天然橡胶,即使长时间佩戴也能保持清爽透气。 2.搭载恒宝式经典折叠钢扣,质感爆棚,开合有力。 纵横有序 潮流非凡 欢迎各路表友品鉴来自HB专业级的几何美学

HB professional production-Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo wrist watch personality debut! Harmonious pattern and balanced proportion Arrival HB[ color] [color] Professional production-Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo wrist watch comes on stage! Harmonious patterns and balanced proportions fuse and coexist, perfectly deducing the infinite mystery of geometric shapes in the dimension of time! [Technical Breakthrough] The customized HUB1213 movement is adopted, which realizes the perfect synchronization of appearance, function and frequency. It is beautiful under the incomparable stable travel time. [Wonderful details] The size of the watch is 45X14, which was disassembled and opened. 1. Ensure the alignment of the version: The Swiss professional calibrator is used to collect the version, and after many adjustments, it is ensured that the complex geometric lines are consistent with the original ones, with three-dimensional interlacing and sharp edges and corners. 2. Improve the grinding standard: every finished product is carefully crafted and strictly controlled by HB watchmaker. Ensure that the original consistent contour and interlaced lines can be realized. 3. Overlap three octagonal hollow blade pointers and make rhodium plating treatment, the process is correct to the original, and the effect will never fade. [Excellence] The strap and clasp have upgraded any shortcomings of all versions in the market 1. The black calfskin selected for the strap is softer after hot printing, and the inner lining is made of natural rubber, which can keep fresh and breathable even if worn for a long time. 2. Equipped with hublot-style classic folding steel buckle, the texture is bursting and the opening and closing are powerful. The vertical and horizontal orderly trend is extraordinary. Welcome all kinds of table friends to taste geometric aesthetics from HB professional level