WWF复刻新高度:恒宝经典融合系列,原版1:1开模,耗时16个月,技术突破三大亮点:1⃣️:表壳采用同正品一致的钛金属打造而成,此款乃抛光拉丝面,采用普通的钛金属制作出来的表壳会有一些暗斑,厂家在选料方面及其用心,尺寸45MM,拉丝整洁细腻,线条流畅,圈口6颗H型钛螺丝可与正品完全互换,力争还原到极致!2⃣️:字面颜色在WWF制表师反复调试十个月后才确认样板,色差还原98%,最难攻克的蓝色字面要想实现0色差、几乎整个复刻表圈都难达到;字面字体采用3D印刷工艺,字母的一笔一划、大小粗细完全还原正品!3⃣️:机芯是由正品机芯拆解扫描制作而成、定制版HUB 11机芯,机芯大小和正品完全一致,外观可达99%相似,功能完全同步正品;固机圈和正品同步也是由钛金属打造而成,连固机螺丝这种小细节厂家也不放过,完全和正品可以互换!总结:此款99%配件可与正品完全互换,假如不是厂家的极致追求,谁能将一枚复刻表体现的这么淋漓尽致,WWF经典融合、融合经典!

WWF re-engraving new height: hublot classic fusion series, the original 1:1 mold opening took 16 months, and the technology broke through three highlights: 1. The watch case is made of titanium which is consistent with the genuine one. This section is a polished brushed surface, and the watch case made of ordinary titanium will have some dark spots. The manufacturer pays attention to the material selection, the size is 45MM, the wire drawing is neat and delicate, and the lines are smooth. Six H-shaped titanium screws in the circle can be matched with the genuine one. 2: The literal color was confirmed after the WWF watchmaker repeatedly debugged for ten months, and the color difference was restored by 98%. The most difficult blue literal to achieve 0 color difference, almost the entire replica bezel is difficult to achieve; Literal fonts adopt 3D printing technology, and the letters are completely restored to the authentic ones with one stroke and one stroke, size and thickness! 3: The movement is a customized version of HUB 11 movement, which is made by disassembling and scanning the genuine movement. The size of the movement is exactly the same as the genuine movement, the appearance can be 99% similar, and the functions are completely synchronized with the genuine movement; Fixing ring and genuine synchronization are also made of titanium metal, and even manufacturers of such small details as fixing screws are spared, which are completely interchangeable with genuine products! Summary: This 99% accessory can be completely interchanged with genuine products. If it is not the ultimate pursuit of manufacturers, who can embody a replica watch so incisively and vividly, and integrate WWF classics with classics!